Another day

And so today, I began my new journey marketing my coaching services for the first time, and it wasn’t so hard.  Courage comes from inside and a belief in my abilities in being able to do this work – such a joy, so interesting and so rewarding, Carly said I really appeared to shine as I spoke about the program and how much I have enjoyed the work to date, and I have, do.

Tonight I worked on my introductory pieces.  Information I’ll send to individuals who indicate interest in my services and how they may discover their dreams.

A member of the cohort came across a short article from a book by Cherie Carter Scott – If Life is a Game, These are the Rules (a.k.a.The Ten Rules for Being Human) and asked us if we had to pick one rule from the list of ten which would we chose ‘as a coach’.  I felt there was one, “Your answers lie inside of you”, however the other is advice ” What you make of your life is up to you”, and that advice and that advice applies to me!

If you wish to see the other rules here’s the link:

Let me know what rule you would chose, and why

Take care of yourself



About maedbh

An experienced fundraising executive of over 30 years, I have recently set out on a new adventure - Executive and Life Coaching, something I wished I had known about even 10 years ago. I am unique, as a mother of two teenage boys, I bring a lifetime of experiences, living my younger years in the Middle East and Europe, moving to Canada in my late twenties and continuing to commute between my new Country, Europe and Asia. My new adventure includes learning to use new mediums to communicate including this, my blog. I hope you enjoy it, please let me know your thoughts on my posts, my photographs and anything else you wish to comment upon.
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