A bright spot in the continuing rain

It’s Saturday and the rain continues.  I had a coaching session with one of my pro bono clients this morning, it’s always so interesting – love talking with this client.  Then went and sold my car and bought another one, smaller, better on gas and has all the things I need except for space – which really I don’t need.  They’ll put my bike rack on, which will help me avoid the hills outside my house, seems nuts to have to drive to bike, but going up steep hills immediately just doesn’t work for me, yet… maybe when I am fitter I will be able to do so.

So am feeling good, I have my cup of tea and cookies as comfort in the rain and will make a healthy dinner tonight of stir fried vegetables with tofu pudding afterward. But for now the cookies are a treat in a foul weather day!  I have to start sorting out the camping gear, finish my sweater and get ready for RRU residence next week, but have tomorrow.  I will have to move the laundry and put it into the dryer, which almost kills me, this time of year we’re supposed to have sunshine and I love the smell of laundry from the line, but I have to do what I have to do.  I love to procrastinate about laundry, moving it from the washer to where ever, but it’s not good, so as soon as I finish I will move it.

So question for today, what are you putting off today that you could do, but don’t want to?

Take care of yourself


About maedbh

An experienced fundraising executive of over 30 years, I have recently set out on a new adventure - Executive and Life Coaching, something I wished I had known about even 10 years ago. I am unique, as a mother of two teenage boys, I bring a lifetime of experiences, living my younger years in the Middle East and Europe, moving to Canada in my late twenties and continuing to commute between my new Country, Europe and Asia. My new adventure includes learning to use new mediums to communicate including this, my blog. I hope you enjoy it, please let me know your thoughts on my posts, my photographs and anything else you wish to comment upon.
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