Hornby time

So, we’re on my favourite island in BC, Hornby. I’ve been coming here for over twenty years, and both boys still want to come along, meeting old friends and making new ones. I’ve taken a great shot of my watch, the battery went as we arrived and so there is a blank screen – Hornby time, nothing important, just relax enjoy and forget the outside world. Cell phones, and normally computers are banned, a news fast as Dr. Andrew Weil calls it. And it works!
I sit in the sun, sunscreen on, although I still go brown and worry whether I’m getting enough Vitamin D, draw, write and knit each day. Nik is learning to drive, so he first learnt how to ride a bike here at the campsite, and now on the island like his brother he is learning to drive.
It’s amazing how easy it came to him, those video games must be good for something I realize.
We’ve come up for a name for my new company – Celtic Coaching, the Celtic Coach, not sure yet, but the letters will be separate: Creative, enlightening, loving, truthful/tangible, intuitive, caring/courageous – not yet sure which of the two different word I’ll use, anyone have any suggestions?
I’ll continue to look at the words used to describe me, from those brave individuals who allowed me to practice my skills as pro-bono clients!
Question for today, I have two: comments on the name of the company as listed above – what does it say to you? And, secondly, Have you ever gone on a news fast – no media, newspapers, web news, tv etc…, how did you feel??


About maedbh

An experienced fundraising executive of over 30 years, I have recently set out on a new adventure - Executive and Life Coaching, something I wished I had known about even 10 years ago. I am unique, as a mother of two teenage boys, I bring a lifetime of experiences, living my younger years in the Middle East and Europe, moving to Canada in my late twenties and continuing to commute between my new Country, Europe and Asia. My new adventure includes learning to use new mediums to communicate including this, my blog. I hope you enjoy it, please let me know your thoughts on my posts, my photographs and anything else you wish to comment upon.
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2 Responses to Hornby time

  1. amyearle says:

    Maeve- You and I sound like we are on the same journey. I am a beginner coach here in Tsawwassen ( just across the pond from Hornby sort of), am just starting to market my coaching business and LOVE it.
    Hope you have a good long weekend and keep up the posting.

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