Slow and beautiful

I have a number of photographs that I want to put up, however will have to wait until I return home as I hadn’t uploaded the software onto this computer before we left for our vacation.

Life continues slowly on the island, the sun is shining and it is so quiet, except for the crows and some cars as they slowly creep up the driveway of the campsite. It is such a peaceful place, I keep amused by watching people racing in and then with time the pace of the island catches up with them and they slow down for the rest of their time here – or rather some do, others are unable to stop and I wonder what is their rush, why are they so anxious, holidays are to be savoured and happy, it doesn’t matter whether you get to the beach at 11:00 or 2:00, it’s still there, and if dinner is a mismash of things, who cares – so a question: Are you able to slow down, and when do you do so?

For a time when the boys were young, they would hide my phone (no computers then), and I would be allowed take it out each night and check messages, this allowed them to have my undivided attention.  We had only two rules: let me know where you’re going and no whining.  Bed came at dark time and I would read aloud to them each evening – a chapter book. Sometimes our neighbours would ask what had happened the night before, if they missed the reading!  On clear skies we pulled our sleeping bags into the middle of the play ground and counted satellites (?sp).  Now I go to bed before them, as they go swimming at midnight and watch the light and colours in the sea, which has a name I cannot remember!  These are the memories I wanted them to have many years ago as I figured out how to ensure they had a summer holiday, that gave them and me a vacation each year that I could both afford and enjoy.

What have you done to build memories in your family?


About maedbh

An experienced fundraising executive of over 30 years, I have recently set out on a new adventure - Executive and Life Coaching, something I wished I had known about even 10 years ago. I am unique, as a mother of two teenage boys, I bring a lifetime of experiences, living my younger years in the Middle East and Europe, moving to Canada in my late twenties and continuing to commute between my new Country, Europe and Asia. My new adventure includes learning to use new mediums to communicate including this, my blog. I hope you enjoy it, please let me know your thoughts on my posts, my photographs and anything else you wish to comment upon.
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