Beauty and nature combined

I really must figure out how to add my photographs immediately – or rather I think the terminology is upload them so that I can put them with my posts.  The weather continues to be iffy here, but no matter, a little rain at night and then the days are cloudy with sun, warm but not too hot.  I would like one more sunny day so that I can swim on Tribune.

I’ve been touring the island as I always do, visiting the various artists, today went to see Diane Smith a wonderful silk screener, whose hangings and cushions are irresistible  – I capitulated and bought a small cushion with a lily appliqued on it, absolutely gorgeous! Yesterday we went to potters and the wonderful garden ‘shop’ here, the garden and one of the potters have great lily ponds and I’ve decided this is what I must do at home, so comforting.  Diane showed me her pond, she has just made it, so the rubber lining was visible and the lilies just beginning, hers is three feet deep in the center, but not very wide or long, she fills it from the water falling from her roof, along a chain and down into a big O pipe and along to the pond, sounds simple.  This is what I should do with all the water coming from the hills above me, a project for the next month – it will be interesting, hard work but very rewarding if I can make it happen.  Certainly it will be like nothing I’ve done before – so question for today, have you ever taken on a project that is out of your experience range?  how did you do?

For me I will corral all the experience I can, calling on gardeners and those will muscles to help me dig.  Any advice is welcome


About maedbh

An experienced fundraising executive of over 30 years, I have recently set out on a new adventure - Executive and Life Coaching, something I wished I had known about even 10 years ago. I am unique, as a mother of two teenage boys, I bring a lifetime of experiences, living my younger years in the Middle East and Europe, moving to Canada in my late twenties and continuing to commute between my new Country, Europe and Asia. My new adventure includes learning to use new mediums to communicate including this, my blog. I hope you enjoy it, please let me know your thoughts on my posts, my photographs and anything else you wish to comment upon.
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